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Test & Test Development

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Simpro has a separate test department with extensive experience and expertise on Bachelor and Master level.

In addition to core test competence, the Simpro Test Department have extensive competence within the fields of:

The main tasks of the test department are

  • Test development
  • Adjustment/tuning/calibration of products
  • Enhanced troubleshooting

The Test department has enhanced instrumentation for RF test and also uses LabView, TestStand and Boundary Scan for rapid and automated testing of complex products and volume products.

DSC_3238_800_531Automation of test
The Simpro strategy is to automate the testing so that the operator can test the product during the various stages of the production. This gives

  • rapid implementation of actual testing
  • more complete test – test more in less time
  • earlier detection of possible errors
  • better repeatability – test is done the same way every time
  • easier, faster and better reporting – WATS

Test Development
By making test development in parallel with industrialization and development, one will ensure

  • that you have automated test ready for first production batch
  • that you have better knowledge of the product before it goes into production
  • that you have the possibility of DFT analysis with the aid of Boundary Scan for the electronics
  • the quality of production documentation through the development of test procedures, drawings with AutoCAD etc.
  • that they have systems that are ready and can handle high mix / low volume production for various production locations

We recommend running the Test Development as a project to be in control of time and cost. Typical activities include

  • Test jig – Specification, design and construction
  • Test SW – Specification, design and development
  • Documentation of test setup (HW & SW)
  • Preparation of test procedures
  • Project Management

Simpro has procured a new test system – WATS:

  • Database System that processes test data
  • Test reports, data analysis, production statistics
  • Quality Monitoring
  • Ready for the TestStand and LabVIEW
  • Integration with ERP

With WATS one can

  • Identify vulnerabilities, failures and bottlenecks
  • Report the current BOM, SW, FW etc
  • Be a part of the customer’s PLM systems
  • Contribute to the monitoring of quality
  • View resource usage to be used in production planning
  • Give traceability
  • WATS client can be made available for our customers