World-class circuit boards

For the international space station – and Revolve NTNU’s formula race car. From our factory located at beautiful Løkken Verk right outside Trondheim, we supply and assist Revolve NTNU with world class circuit boards, assembly and testing, documentation, and advice – as the students strive to make the transition from student to engineer in one year.


Since the inception of Revolve NTNU, Simpro have supported them in their endeavours to develop the engineers of tomorrow. The practical experience the students receive throughout the program is invaluable. So are the industry contacts they make. Today, countless former Revolve-students work for our customers; it is always a pleasure when we meet.

Simpro offers end-to-end services for our electronics manufacturing customers, from design and development, all the way through testing and ESS (Environmental Stress Screening), to the direct distribution of products to end customers. We produce components and electronic solutions that are built to withstand rough climates and challenging conditions, like outer space and the bottom of the sea – and in this specific case, high-performance formula race cars.

From combustion to electric engines

When we first started cooperating with Revolve NTNU, they were making combustion-engine cars. Then, in 2012, the world’s first hybrid supercar, the McLaren P1, redefined the boundaries of plugin hybrid engines. The formula racing engineering teams took the technology and accelerated it beyond what anyone had thought possible. Today, electric and hybrid engines are standard in the F1 racing world and are taking over the racing industry.

Simpro is an integral part of Revolve NTNUs yearly build. A few years back, Revolve NTNU made the switch to an electric engine and has since relied on us to provide the 60-70 circuit boards necessary to run the car. An electric racing car engine is basically electro mechanical components and computers mounted on wheels, which is why we’re so excited to be a part of the build. Additionally, new and complicated technology – like separately mounted electric engines on each of the four wheels – requires more complicated circuit boards. We help develop and supply the technology required to make the car run at peak performance.

Full access to equipment

At our factory, the Revolve-students have full access to our machine park and equipment. Our engineers are more than happy to help the students explore new concepts or improve their designs – whatever they need to realize their ideas. Today, as a testament to our close cooperation, one of Revolve NTNUs formula race cars rests in the vestibule at our factory at Løkken Verk.

Interdisciplinary cooperation ensures satisfaction

We are an interdisciplinary business; Revolve NTNU is an interdisciplinary project. Ensuring the satisfaction of our customers often require a creative approach to problem solving; realizing Revolve NTNU’s lofty goals require expertise and cooperation across a plethora of disciplines. As an engineer, you will never learn how to do everything, but if you learn how to cooperate, you don’t have to.

This is one of the main reasons we’re such a good match with Revolve NTNU; their dedication to being ambitious, innovative, and dedicated while also being open to input and fresh ideas, resonates perfectly with our own values of being flexible problem solvers on behalf of our customers.

Cooperating during the pandemic

Last year was a challenge for many of us, and I cannot even begin to state how much we missed the visits from the Revolve NTNU students. Working with Revolve NTNU is always a pleasure, as they bring an energy and drive into our factory that’s both inspiring and contagious. Curious, skilled and always asking questions – they force all of us here at Simpro to be at the top of our game.

Although our factory was closed for a significant part of last year and many of us worked from home, we were still able to supply Revolve NTNU with the required circuit boards and the electro mechanical equipment required to complete their build. Although access to our machine park and testing equipment has been vital previous years, we were able to work with the students at Campus Trondheim, still offering our expertise on their build.

We are proud to be working with Revolve NTNU, helping them achieve their goals. We cannot wait to welcome them back to our factory and wish them all the best in this year’s Formula Student competition!