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Space selfies: Simpro signs sponsorship deal with Orbit

The industry as a whole look more and more to space, and an increasing amount of companies plans to develop their own micro satellites. As Simpro continually strengthen our engagement in space, a sponsorship deal with the NTNU student organization Orbit is a natural part of this engagement.  

Sakaria Ali, Systems Engineer in Orbit, Henrik Jordheim, deputy in Orbit and Kjetil Blokkum, Business Developer, Simpro.

About Orbit

Orbit is on a mission to build Norway’s first operational student satellite. The organization is currently working on SelfieSat. The SelfieSat satellite will receive selfies from the NTNU ground station and photograph the screen in space, using a robot arm and with the earth as a backdrop. The satellite will then return the selfie to its photographer on earth.

Our collaboration

Simpro will assemble all PCBs used on the SelfieSat. The PCBs will also undergo vibration and temperature testing adhering to current standards for satellites in this segment at Simpro’s facilities.

At Simpro, we view this collaboration as valuable for both parties. Simpro will gain important experience with space-production, and Orbit will gain useful experience by working with one of Norway’s leading producers of electronics.

We look forward to an exciting collaboration!