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Vision & Values


Simpro shall be the preferred electronics manufacturing services partner

Overall objective
To achieve its vision, corporate board has established the following goals:

  • Simpro shall be known as a flexible and reliable electronics manufacturer with international product quality and with special expertise in wireless products.
  • There shall always be a focus on customer satisfaction and continuous efforts to improve the company’s processes.
  • The company will ensure profitable and stable jobs for qualified people in the local community.
  • There shall be a safe and secure working environment, that meets the regulatory requirements and customer requirements, and the operation shall not harm the environment.


In Simpro, we are trustworthy, what we say we stand for and conduct, both to each other as colleagues, to our clients and to our business partners

In Simpro, we are flexible. We are spacious and generous to utilize each other’s resources optimally. We focus on the possibilities and not the limitations. We find solutions that are tailored to market requirements and expectations in harmony with the participants’ talent and our organizational capacity. By adapting to each other’s needs and requirements, we perform optimally.

In Simpro we are innovative, we are eager to find new and better solutions. We take own initiatives rather than await the other’s initiatives. We try to choose the best way of reacting and trying to influence or define the environment.

In Simpro, we are efficient; we do the right things the right way. In cooperation with customer, we find practical and appropriate solutions, with the goal of optimization and cost-efficiency of the production process.