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KvalitetQuality assurance
The main goal of Simpro is to deliver quality in everything we do – that is to deliver the agreed product with the agreed quality on time.

Simpro is certified according to

ISO 9001:2008
ISO 13485:2003
Simpro er også Achilles JQS kvalifisert






Quality and Competence
All productions employees are certified according to J-STD 001 IPC-A Class 3. Recertification was done during November 2015.

Most of our production employees have the relevant certificate of apprenticeship. The test department have a mix of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree within electronics. In all departments, it is a significant production and test experience.

ipcmember-logoStrategy and Quality Policy
Simpro shall achieve its objectives by:

  • Build and maintain high-level expertise within the priority areas Offshore, Defense and MedTec
  • Keep a close cooperation with customers and experts
  • Create an attractive and motivating work environment
  • Be conscious of employees and surrounding environment
  • Through a functioning quality system prevent errors and defects, and ensure that the requirements of customers and government are met
  • Set specific goals in key areas such as finance, customer satisfaction, deviations, competence, illness, injury and environmental impact

QA measures
In addition to our procedures and routines we actively use

  • AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)
    • Built-in the SMT (Surface Mount Technology) line – inspection before soldering
    • Standalone – inspection after soldering
  • X-ray
    • For example, inspecting the soldering of BGA (Ball Grid Array)
    • For troubleshooting – e.g. voids in an IC (Integrated Circuit) active in the production process

We also seek to perform tests during production to detect any errors at the earliest possible stage.

The governing documents
Governing documents apply to all enduring relationships in Simpro AS that is important to document for the safe operation and management. Governing documents is a collective term for all individual procedures. This is to:

  • Achieve efficient and safe operation
  • Meet customer requirements
  • Disseminate public norms and requirements
  • Meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003

In relation to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO13485: 2003, section 7.3 Design and development is excluded, since this is not part of the business of Simpro. However, these services can be provided using Prevas Development AS.

In relation to ISO 13485:2003, production of sterile products ( and, production of active implants ( and, and installation of equipment ( are not relevant since Simpro don’t produce the said products nor do the installation.

In addition to the governing documents, routines, templates, checklists and forms are used in the daily operations.

For further information about the QA system, please send an e-mail to