Component database


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Our customers have high demands related to quality and delivery time. A good understanding of the customer needs, along with a detailed knowledge of the component market, ensures that our purchases are for the benefit of our customers. The purchasing department works closely with our Key Account Managers.

If alternative solutions apply where there will be a trade-off between price, delivery and quality, we want to make that decision directly with the customer.

Cost of material is the main part of the product’s total cost. Through strategic sourcing and negotiations, we are working continuously to reduce the price of purchased components.

Simpro always keep “standard” components in stock, as well as a wide range of other components. Based on forecasts, Simpro could hold critical components in stock, thereby reducing lead-time.

Simpro can offer warehousing of critical components, semi-finished and finished products.

Box Build
Box Build gives our customers the ability to have finished product shipped directly to them, the final end user, or their distribution points.

Box Build Assemblies can be as simple as putting a completed PCA into a plastic enclosure or as complex as multiple PCA’s and mechanical assemblies into final system level enclosures, where each unit is different from the last.

Completed Box Builds can be packaged into custom shipping boxes along with shipping documentation, manuals, cables, etc to go directly to the end customer.