Component database


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The Simpro production experience is a resource that we offer our customers for industrialisation and production optimisation.

Traditionally, industrialisation has been done after the development phase is completed. Simpro however, recommend that industrialisation to be run in parallel with the development.

Considering production solutions at an early stage as possible, can save costs when starting volume production. It can also significantly influence the quality of the product. Finally yet importantly, it could reduce the time to market by 1-3 months.

Simpro have a strategic partnership with Prevas Development AS related to development services

  • electronics
  • software
  • mechanics

Preferred components
In cooperation with the customer will Simpro could go through the Build of Materials (BOM) and list items that

  • have a long lead time
  • are allocated
  • are challenging to use in production
  • are obsolete, or are to become obsolete in the near future – Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)
  • have alternatives in terms of price, lead time and/or quality