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gml_laderpakking-lSimpro was formally established in 1990 by former employees of the mobile phone manufacturing company Simonsen Elektro Løkken, who this year had outsourced their production. Around 50 employees was therefore unemployed. Employees went in with capital and established Simpro AS to maintain the expertise that was gained through 10 years of operation. Simpro established itself as a subcontractor, and had already the first year of operating a revenue of NOK 5 million.

With the background in radio production, the company developed a customer base with specific requirements within this field of electronics production. Simpro also got customers with products for subsea and offshore applications, ATEX-products and other industrial electronics. The customer base has been stable for many years, and must be seen as a confirmation of quality and reliability. Simpro has always aimed to act flexible and customer oriented.

gml_maskinlinje2005-lSimpro have realized the need of automation, and has on several occasions invested in production equipment for assembly, soldering and control. Nevertheless, an experienced and skilled workforce is important to give customers the product they expect. Willingness to restructuring and ability to adopt new production techniques is also required. A close collaboration with educational and professional environments ensures competence and recruitment.

Simpro held from the beginning to the municipal rented premises that were built Simonsen Elektro last 1970s. Eventually these premises for both narrow and inconvenient and the new premises in Meldal Næringssenter was moved into late 2009. This gives Simpro opportunities to expand, not least by increasing the mechanical capacity, but also with opportunities to increase the workforce.